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19,63 EUR*
Details Marshalltown Stainless Steel Taping Knife-8" SS TAPING KNIFE

Marshalltown Stainless Steel Taping Knife-8" SS TAPING KNIFE

22,07 EUR*
Details Hultafors Chisel Knife STK/HVK Craftmans Knife Twin Pack In Holster

Hultafors Chisel Knife STK & HVK Craftmans Knife Twin Pack In Holster

15,23 EUR*
Details Ikea Skalad Paring Knife, Red

SKALAD Paring knife IKEA Product dimensions Length: 7 " Length of knife blade: 3 " Length: 18 cm Length of knife blade: 7 cm Key features - The included knife protector protects the knife blade in the kitchen drawer and makes it practical and safe to ...

4,74 EUR*
Details Craft Knife-

KAISERCRAFT-Craft Knife. This knife is great for trimming and cutting lightweight materials. It features a soft grip handle that provides additional comfort and an anti-roll design. This package includes one 6 inch craft knife and five replacement ...

21,18 EUR*
Details Gentle Knife


3,05 EUR*
Details Plastic Putty Knife-2"

Jr Edwards-Project Select: Plastic Putty Knife. This Package Contains One 2-Inch Wide Plastic Putty Knife. Imported.

36,00 EUR*
Details SaySure - Double roller pizza knife pizza hob cake knife cutter

If there is anything we can do for you please do not hesitate contact us directly.

39,42 EUR*
Details 3 Piece Knife Set - Paring, Bread and Cook's Knife

All your essential cooking knives in one convenient pack (Paring, Break, Cook's knife). You don't have to worry about these knives slipping out of your hand with these easy grip rubber handles. Good quality with stainless steel blades. Hand wash only ...

15,50 EUR*
Details Kuhn Rikon Colori Knife (Pack of 2)

Kuhn Rikon Colori Knife (Pack of 2)Kuhn Rikon Colori Knife (Pack of 2)

2,36 EUR*
Details #11 Blade Precision Light Duty Knife P12001

PROEDGE-Precision Light Utility Knife. This package includes one 5- 3/4 inch surgically sharp precision knife. This knife features the new 4-jaw chuck with more holding power and quick blade release. Made in USA.

31,90 EUR*
Details CHROMA Knife Safe Pro Klingenschutz Set (7 teilig)

Das CHROMA Knife Safe Pro Klingenschutz Set deckt alle Klingenformen von unseren hochwertigen Klingen ab. Das Set aus 7 Klingenschützern mit den Größen besteht aus: KS-01 CHROMA Knife Safe Pro Klingenschutz 9,8 x 2,5 cm KS-02 CHROMA Knife Safe Pro ...

14,50 EUR*
Details Kuhn Rikon Colori Fuchsia Knife (Pack of 2)

Kuhn Rikon Colori Fuchsia Knife (Pack of 2)Kuhn Rikon Colori Fuchsia Knife (Pack of 2)

14,50 EUR*
Details Kuhn Rikon Colori Lila Knife (Pack of 2)

Kuhn Rikon Colori Lila Knife (Pack of 2)Kuhn Rikon Colori Purple Knife (Pack of 2)

10,99 EUR*
Details Kom Kom Fruit Carving Seeding Knife, 001B

Seeding knife for preparing fruit and vegetables for carving. Lightweight plastic handle, high carbon steel blade hardened & tempered. (Kom Kom product no. 001B, Fruit Knife Yellow Plastic Handle). This knife is also available here as part of a Deluxe ...

39,90 EUR*
Details Bergner BG-4098 Box of 3 - Black Ceramic Knives & Ceramic Peeler, Ceramic utility knife, Ceramic Paring Knife - Abs Rubberised Coated handles - Luxury Cardboard Gift Box

Bergner BG-4098 Box of 3 - Black Ceramic Knives & Ceramic Peeler, Ceramic utility knife, Ceramic Paring Knife - Abs Rubberised Coated handles - Luxury Cardboard Gift Box

11,95 EUR*
Details Marking Knife 1.5" Dual Blade-

Quint Measuring Systems-Marking Knife: 1-1/2 Inch Dual Blade. The perfect dual sided knife for striking or marking. Because the blade is beveled on each edge with a point in the middle, this one knife suits either left- or right-handed users and can ...

16,52 EUR*

SAFETY KNIFE, FISH STYLE--- Blade Length : ---- Blade Material : Carbon Steel--- Blade Width : ---- Knife Type : Craft

26,90 EUR*
Details R2/5 Nr.7 Magic-Knife US Knife Gürtelmesser Jagdmesser Messer Machete Gartenmesser NEU

Messer / Gürtelmesser / Jagdmesser/Machete Farbe: Schwarz Klinge: 20,5 cm Gesamtlänge: 35 cm schwarze matte Klinge Inklusive Nylonscheide with Machete Klinge / Blade

22,01 EUR*
Details Deluxe Cake Knife Server Set

Wilton-Deluxe Cake Knife Server Set. Celebrate the first slice of cake together as a married couple! This package contains a cake knife and server knife engraved with Happily Ever After to cut and serve the wedding cake and two Mr. & Mrs. cake forks ...

7,12 EUR*
Details Scotch Titanium Snap-Off Utility Knife-Large

3M-Scotch Titanium Snap Off Utility Knife. The perfect click and lock retractable blade and a nonslip comfort grip. The titanium knife stays sharper three times longer than stainless steel. This package contains one 18mm snap-off utility knife. Imported.

13,85 EUR*
Details GOLDBLATT INDUSTRIES LLC - 8-In. Flexible Steel Taping Knife

8", Taping Knife Lightweight Sturdy Construction With Flexible Blue Steel Blade, A Professional Finishers Favorite Knife.

19,68 EUR*
Details IDL TOOL INTERNATIONAL Hobby Knife Set, 17-Pc.

Master Mechanic, 17 Piece, Hobby Knife Set, Includes: (1) #2 Handle, (1) #1 Hobby Knife, (5) #11 Blades, (5) #17 Blades & (5) #2 Blades.

36,00 EUR*
Details Condor Tool & Knife Condor Neck-Knife Fidelis, 1075 Caron Steel, nicht-rostfrei,, Epoxy-Beschichtung, Paracordgriff, Kydex-Scheide mit Kette

Das Neck-Knife Fidelis aus dem Hause Condor wird im mittelamerikanischen El Salvador hergestellt. Eine schwarze Epoxy-Pulverbeschichtung schützt den nicht rostfreien Carbonstahl 1075 vor Rost. Die Paracordwicklung am Griff sorgt für eine sichere ...

19,80 EUR*
Details Dragon / Drachen Magic-Knife Skull Head Neck Knife Halskette Messer + Kautschukband

Etwas anderes für den Hals und zwar ein Wunderschönes Halskette Drachen anhänger mit kleinem Messer und Kautschukband Ideal fürs Camping , Jagen oder andere Freiluft aktivitäten natürlich nur zum umhängen - Schmuckstück Motiv: Drachen groß voll Metall ...

14,02 EUR*
Details FISKARS CONSUMER PROD INC - Big Grip Garden Knife

Large, Big Grip Garden Knife, Soft Molded Grips Provide Added Comfort & Control, Serrated & Smooth Knife Edges & Weeding Tip, Lifetime Warranty.

35,00 EUR*
Details Carving Knife DB INOX 800/12 POM

forged utility knife with 12 cm long straight blade tip . Ideal for all cutting and cleaning jobs that require precision, but larger than that of the peeling knife

5,98 EUR*
Details Ever Ready Corn and Callous Knife

The ever ready corn and callous knife removes hard skin, callouses and corns leaving skin soft and smooth. Only use ever ready corn and callous knife replacement blades.

4,90 EUR*
Details Dreamweaver Metal Palette Knife 8.25"-

Stampendous-Dreamweaver Metal Palette Knife. Ideal for artists and crafters who are just beginning in their craft or for fine artists! This package contains one 8-1/4 inch long metal palette knife. Imported.

10,34 EUR*
Details Fingertip Swivel Knife-

FISKARS-Fingertip Swivel Knife. Perfect for those who crave more control over their cutting utensils! The knife loop slides easily over your index finger for a more controlled cutting experience. Great for cutting intricate designs and flowing shapes ...

14,95 EUR*
Details Haller Neck Knife (frei ab 18 Jahre!)

Haller Neck Knife Die Dolchklinge ist zweiseitig geschliffen und aus 420 rostfreiem, titanbeschichteten Stahl. Der Griff aus ist Kunststoff. Die Kydexscheide hat eine Kugelkette aus Metall. Details zu Haller Neck Knife: Klingenlänge: ca. 7,5 cm ...

7,90 EUR*
Details CHROMA Klingenschutz Knife Safe Pro (KS-05)

Mit dem CHROMA Klingenschutz Knife Safe Pro sind Ihre hochwertigen CHROMA Messer bestens geschützt. Der CHROMA Klingenschutz Knife Safe Pro ist ideal zur Aufbewahrung in der Schublade oder beim Transport und ist 22 cm lang und 3,5 cm breit.

468,22 EUR*
Details Chef's Knife

The CMT Chef’s Knife Series stands out as one of the most exclusive kitchen knife series in the world. Those who appreciate high quality handmade knives in general should find that this is a series especially made for them. Qualities like high grade ...

8,99 EUR*
Details Cuts Like A Knife

CD Polydor, cdmid102, Jewel Case 10 Track 1991 Title Cuts Like A Knife

32,28 EUR*
Details Knife Feels Like Justice

Brian Setzer - The Knife Feels Like Justice [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UICY-25684

24,49 EUR*
Details Two Hands and a Knife

[ Two Hands and a Knife Gibson, Terry ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2003

68,00 EUR*
Details Ham Knife BIS INOX 8813/28POM

Serrated bread knife with a blade length of 28 cm ideal for ham

7,70 EUR*
Details Am-Tech 6 Zoll Utility Knife, S0325

Am-Tech 6-inch Heavy Duty Utility Knife

98,00 EUR*
Details H&R Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set.

Hen & Rooster Hen & Rooster Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set